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VP Brand Strategy

Brussels, Belgium

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Afin de développer sa branche Communication Digitale, ENEJ GROUP SRL recherche son VP.

Ce dernier aura pour mission de définir et mettre sur pieds, de bout à bout (stratégie, gouvernance, marketing, développement commercial, réalisation des missions et fidélisation clients). Il sera également amener principalement à soigner l’image de marque de l’entreprise et à la diffuser à travers la toile (Branding). Pour le mener à bien, le responsable définit et met en place la stratégie globale de communication numérique de la compagnie.


  • Aisance relationnelle

  • Sens de l'écoute

  • Connaissance des médias sociaux

  • Connaissance en marketing digital et des outils de design

About the Company

Founded in 2021, ENEJ GROUP SRL is a human-sized, multi-sector group, registered in Belgium, which aims to improve the performance of your company.

Indeed, our DNA is to provide support to all our stakeholders (Customers, employees and service providers) in the development of their full potential.

Our corporate culture is based on 3 main pillars:
1 - Standards
In order to offer you the right solution for your needs, we rely on proven references and market best practices. Our specialists have certifications and/or training to serve you with quality.

2 - Tailor-made
You are unique! Each client receives a tailor-made solution that takes into account their environment (business, competition, resources, processes, tools, etc.), our feedback and the applicable standards.

3 - Multisectoral
We offer services that require a global view of the organization. We are support specialists, not business specialists. This naturally makes us easy to integrate into your teams and quick to learn your environment.

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